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Meet Lydia

As a product of Tipp City public schools, a former English teacher, and daughter of a public school employee, Lydia understands that a strong public school education can change the life of a child, a family, and a city. It’s why she, although working in a field outside of public education, has always jumped at volunteer opportunities to teach, and it’s why she is running to represent Tipp City students and parents on the Board of Education.

     After a stint as a Morning Show Producer for a radio program in New York, she ventured abroad to fulfill her interest in education in Brazil.

     While living in Brazil, Lydia taught English at the community volunteer school and recalls her favorite memory being contacted years later by a student who had mastered the English language.

     Listening to parents, teachers, and community members gives her a deep understanding of the problems facing Tipp City schools, as well as the solutions needed to ensure that our schools accelerate toward excellence.



Debate Nights

Currently there are three debates scheduled between candidates for Tipp City School Board.  Check back for additional events which are added as they are scheduled.

Statement from Lydia on the first debate scheduled 10/12/2021: "Although I appreciate the opportunity to speak to the community about the issues facing our schools, I would like to respect the traditional format for vetting potential school board members. As such, I will not be in attendance at this event."



Education Experience

Volunteer English Teacher - Crescer Criancas

Assistant Developer A.L.P.S (Acting Language Program) ESL program

Community Involvement

Co-chair pastoral search committee

Welcome to my vision for the future of Tipp City Schools.  Please check back soon!


 "Witnessing the selflessness of my mother in the capacity as a teacher's aide made a lasting impact on my view of the role of educators."


    Lydia and her fiancé Brian are looking forward to planning their wedding and expanding their family in Tipp City.   Being from Tipp City herself, Lydia knew that she would like to return to Ohio and reinvest in the community she knew and loved growing up.

"Although we are just starting our family, I would love to have the opportunity to preserve and expand the tradition of excellence in Tipp City schools for that expanding family.  Not having children in the school system currently insulates me from having to weigh any impact a decision might have on them."

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